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Dundee Pensioners` Forum is a non Party political organisation with a constitution that states as it`s aims "To advance pensioners` rights and welfare and to educate and unite pensioners in order to present a collective voice to Government and other authorities on matters affecting retired people".Add your main content here - text, photos, videos, addons, whatever you want!


Dear Prime Minister

Social Care is in crisis- the system is chronically under funded and in urgent need of reform. Without this , too many older and disabled people will be left in desperate circumstances: struggling on alone, living in misery and fear.

The system is a lottery - some of us will be lucky enough never to need care, but there are others who need support at some stage in our lives to carry out everyday tasks and could lose everything: our savings, our dignity, our independence. We agree with your comments in March that action is needed to reform a system which can currently leave people helpless, in the dark about their care and suffering massive losses as a result of care bills.

The right care and support can enable older and disabled people to live independant  and fulfilled lives - but we currently face a vicious circle where limited resources are focused on only those with the very highest needs. This only worsens the crisis in care as many older or disabled people are leftwithout support - in quiet desperation, trying to cope alone, often ending up in hospital or crisis care. Families are paying the price too, as experienced staff are forced out of work to care for relatives, and many carers pushed to breaking point caring for loved ones.


There is widespread and increasing support for urgent reform - from across society and the political spectrum. That is why we are calling on you to take forward social care reform as your personal mission, your legacy to future generations .

Whilst we know decisions, particularly on the funding of care will be difficult, they must be made now.We want to be able to live without fear of what tomorrow might bring. We are asking you as Prime Minister to show the vision and courage to make this a reality.

Signed by 78 organisations including Age UK, Saga and the Local Government Association


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day June 15th

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